March 28, 2014

DIY Apothecary Jars & Cake Stands

Today I'm sharing a couple more DIY's that I did for my gals first birthday party. I knew that I wanted the dessert table to be the "focal point" of the party, with all of the pretty, sweet treats stacked at different heights to add interest and draw the eye up. What I also knew is that the budget didn't allow me to go out and buy all new fun, girly serving ware just for the I went the DIY route. What I'm sharing today is the Apothecary jars that housed the candy bar, as well as the cake stands that held the cute little mini cupcakes. Both were so fun and I was able to personalize them for the party, and just wait until I tell you how much they cost in total!

Apothecary Jars...Dollar Tree style! Honestly, even TJ Maxx, apothecary jars can be about $10/ea I just didn't have the budget to go out and buy 4 new jars. Instead, I went to Dollar Tree and spent about $10 total on glass candle holders and Krazy glue and made my own. 

Once you wash the price stickers off (the hardest party of the whole project), you come up with your combinations and simply apply the glue to the edges, press firmly, and let dry. Stupid easy.

For $10 total I think that these look pretty darn cute and I wasn't sad to throw them out to the recycling after the party, so as not to have to store them.
Now on to the cake stands....I wanted a little whimsy and something that tied into the theme. I also knew that I needed like 5 stands to achieve the look that I I really needed to be creative in order to pull it off. Lucky for me, I had a candleholder hoarding problem some years back and knew just how I could re-purpose them. I then went on the hunt for cute, cheap plates from TJ Maxx and tahhh---dahhh....cake stands!

Again, I just applied Krazy glue to the perimeters, pressed down with a large book and let sit until dry.
Since I already had the candle holders...3 cake stands cost me around $10! And they turned out so cute that I couldn't bear throwing them out and saved them to use again.

P.S. check out the rest of the ah-mazing March project on Best of Nest here!
Cheers to cheap, cute serving pieces and dessert tables!!


  1. pure genius. you are so dang crafty! i love these!

  2. Loving your post! I nominated you for the Liebster Award :) check it out on my blog

  3. I love this idea! They are easy and super pretty and can be used again. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Mallory, these turned out so cute!! Such a great idea to take your table up a notch, and your pink and gold looks too sweet! Thanks for sharing it at Best of the Nest!


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