March 6, 2014

DIY Tassel Garland + Birthday Sneak!

I wanted to share a few little easy DIYs with you guys that I did for my sweet ones first birthday. Tissue garland has really exploded in popularity and is being used not only for parties and special events but also as true decor especially in the nursery. I've been eyeing a use for it for some time now and thought that LK's big birthday was the perfect time. Browsing Etsy, I was floored at how expensive ONE strand of garland all know that this girl is way too thrifty to pay $35 for some ruffled tissue paper. So, instead I marched off to Dollar Tree and made my own for under $3. Yes, THREE DOLLARS my friends, and still I have materials left over. So say you'll make me proud and make your own? Here's to low down on just how easy it is...and a party sneaky at the bottom with how it all came out. Full reveal soon!
Tissue Paper. I got the pastel back from Dollar Tree for $1, the mylar I found later at Party City for $5.
Clear tape
Ribbon or string of your choice
Collect 3-5 sheets of one color and lay paper out flat, then fold in half. Depending on how long you want your tassels you can fold either longways or short ways.
I found that it was easier to cut such small strips with a book or something holding the other end of the tissue down
I made about 5 cuts per tassel. You can typically make 5 tassels per sheet.

Once cut,  unfold from top
Then fold in 1/2'' strips (about the width of each cut)
Fold over your finger to ensure you have enough room for string of ribbon to pass through
Secure with small strip of invisible tape and make sure it's taught meeting in the back.

Such a big impact for $3, right? 

Happy Crafting, friends!


  1. THANK YOU! I love it and your decor looked beautiful!

  2. Absolutely fabulous! You make it look so easy and lovely!!!! :)

  3. New to your blog and I am in love with this, especially the dessert table! Looks amazing.


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